The Babb family takes your satisfaction as seriously as we do keeping Lin’s fingers away from the sharp ends of his saws. The following info is here to help answer any questions you may have, but of course don’t hesitate to contact us.


We ship anywhere in the world…meaning Earth. We always dispatch an order within 2 working days; however, we can’t directly control delivery times beyond our end. Assume that it takes 2-5 days for the USA for priority mail and 6-15 days for international. Express post is generally 1-3 days for USA and 3-8 days for other international. If we find there is a substantial difference between the price you paid for shipping and the price it actual took to ship after we've sent off your items, we will be happy to refund you. If you don't see a shipping option you need, contact us and we can work something out.  

If your billing and shipping addresses aren’t the same, we will contact you to make sure there isn’t anything fishy going on and to ensure your credit safety.

We package items up with extra detail and care; we’re talking a Stradivarius violin crossed with a Fabergé egg type of care. They come tightly wrapped in bubble wrap, tissue paper, and occasionally newspaper for extra padding (and/or your reading pleasure). Sometimes the bubble wrap can imprint circles in the oil on the board. No worries! Just rub the board off with a rag. Included in the packaging are care instructions, a sample of our cutting board oil, a note, and a surprise freebie. If you have special packaging instructions, please contact us.


If at any time you are unsatisfied with your product, used or unused, please contact us. Our family wants to ensure you are completely satisfied with Lin's work, so get in touch with us explaining the issue and we will try our best to make it right. Lin will be happy to refinish it, fix it, or exchange it.

We would love to actually use the term “lifetime warranty,” but in truth, once a piece is used, it can never really remain in the pristine condition it was when originally purchased. The beauty of these pieces (and with handmade woodwork in general) is that it will fade and show the wear over time, just like we all do, right? The wear and tear on each piece you use is as unique as the piece itself. Every scratch or nick represents a Thanksgiving, wedding reception, birthday party, or Sunday dinner and a story to pass on to your family along with the piece itself.

Check our care section to the right on how to preserve your piece. But, ultimately we still want you to be satisfied, so at any point if you are unhappy, send it back, contact us, etc. We will contact you once we have received your returned item and will let you know what the options are for repair or replacement at that point. 


WARRANTY / REFUNDS If you are unsatisfied with your piece in any way, please contact us; tell us the problem; and we will resolve it as quickly as possible. For Linwood, your satisfaction is a top priority.

SECURITY When purchasing from Linwood, credit card and order data is encrypted and secure. Linwood uses industry standard 128 bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure. This is the same type of encryption used by banks to keep your information secure.

Linwood is also certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle credit card and debit card information. Your satisfaction AND security are important to us. When you purchase a piece from Linwood, you are getting a piece of our family history. We treat you as part of that history.

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CURRENCY AND PAYMENT OPTIONS  At this time, Linwood is only accepting the United States dollar. Contact us if you are having trouble paying with this currency and would like to purchase a Linwood product. We love making new friends worldwide, and want to work out a solution for you!

You can pay for items in the e-commerce shopping cart using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, or other credit cards in addition to PayPal. Contact us if you have problems and/or questions about payments options.

SHIPPING AND DELIVERY Linwood delivers products to most of our planet…we’re working on expanding that reach, however. Shipping guidelines are outlined in our shipping section above, and we will let you know of rates, based on your location, when you order. 

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UNAVAILABLE ITEMS Unless an item is marked as sold, it is available for purchase. As we all know, however, technology (as well as humans) won’t be 100% error-free. Since we are a small family-operated business, website updates are made ASAP, but there remains the possibility that an item you order may have just been sold. If you purchase an item that isn’t available, or we are unable to fulfill your order we will notify you within 1 business days to arrange an agreeable alternative item, a backorder, or a full refund.

PRIVACY Linwood is committed to keeping your information private. See the terms page for more information on our privacy policy. If you have any other questions, we bet we have you covered on our FAQs page