The First Linwood Giveaway

November 17, 2013

The first week of business on couldn't have been a better one. We received so many texts, calls, emails, tweets, Instagrams, Facebook comments, and overall notes of encouragement, support, and enthusiasm. We couldn't be more thrilled. 

To celebrate the launch of our new site, we hosted a giveaway  Tuesday through Thursday the first week. Our business is deeply rooted in the values we share as a family. Each decision we make at Linwood is weighed against the foundation we've built for our business. We call these our fundamentals. We shared 3 fundamentals on Instagram with a contest related to the topic. Folks shared their favorite handmade items, reminders to slow down and enjoy the present, and treasures that have been gifted down or hoped to pass down some day. The response was overwhelming.

So many great stories of loved ones, memories past, and incredible reminders of slowness and togetherness. Participants from Taiwan to Louisiana to Haiti showed us their beloved photos, all of which made us laugh and tear up. It was a celebration to remember for us at Linwood, and we couldn't have found a better way to celebrate than to share what means the most with our Linwood community. Thanks for your incredible support! And if you want to read the stories our community had to share, scroll through the #linwoodco hashtag on Instagram. You won't regret it.


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